M4 Meetup #1 – 3 March 2017

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M4 Meetup #1 – 3 March 2017

We had a fantastic evening at the very first ‘M4 Meetup’ on Friday 3 March and, as the organiser, we were delighted to have such a great turnout for a Friday!

Four fantastic speakers provided brilliant content and the event was kicked of with the first ‘lighting talk’ of the evening from Sergiu Vidrascu from Ness Digital Engineering. He and I are working on the same team at the moment on a project for Alfresco, who happened to be our hosts for the evening.

We were grateful to Sergiu for jumping in last minute to cover a speaker who couldn’t make it, and his chat on real life implementation of Docker went down a treat. Plenty of questions and we managed to round his talk up just in time to dash for a flight back to Romania!

Next up was David Oliveira, a Reliability Engineering Lead from SKY UK who managed to condense a really interesting talk into just 10 minutes (or around that!) when it could easily have entertained us for an hour in it’s own right. We believe the talk was captured on video by SKY UK so we will share this when we have it!

Alfresco’s very own Enzo Rivello, Tooling and Automation Tech Lead gave us a great ‘real life’ talk next with plenty of practical examples on how his team implemented a reliable and consistent delivery pipeline.

The final talk was a great and very clear demo of InSpec and how to use this tool for automating security tests from Chef Software’s Joe Gardiner, one of their Technology Solutions Architects. One of the Meetup attendees grabbed me afterwards and said he had learned more in ten minutes about InSpec from Joe than hours of demo’s before so well done Joe!

We had a Q&A session to round off, with everyone getting an Alfresco pint glass as a little take away!

Beers, soft drinks and a shed load of pizza was consumed (thanks to SKY UK for sponsoring) and networking went on until we finally wrapped up around 10pm! After a tidy up session from myself, Accelerate QA colleague Andy and Phil from Alfresco, we eventually got cleared up by 11pm and worth every minute of it!

The next Meetup event will be Thursday 1 June at 7pm. We have some exciting plans ahead so sign up now to secure your place!

Craig Hodgson
Craig Hodgson
Technical Director, Accelerate QA

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