Keep CALMS and deliver with DevOps

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23rd February 2017
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Keep CALMS and deliver with DevOps

Ok, so you have most likely heard the ‘DevOps’ buzzword, but do you know what values are at the heart of the DevOps movement?

C.A.L.M.S. is an acronym for exactly those. See how many you know and think about whether your organisation is doing all of these things well… or not!

C is for Culture

Undeniably, culture is one of the hardest things to change in an organisation yet fundamentally is the most important aspect of adopting new ways of working. Culture relates to the people and process of an organisation and one of collaboration and communication is essential to making DevOps work for your business.

A is for Automation

Without automation achieving DevOps and improved flow, feedback and experimentation would be impossible to achieve. At the heart of DevOps, automation is critical to accelerating delivery and includes release management, configuration management and monitoring.

L is for Lean

Lean working practices means reducing waste, excess and increasing efficiency. If something doesn’t add value to software delivery then remove it.

M is for Measurement

Everything you do to improve software delivery must be measurable. If you can’t measure the effectiveness (or not) of something you do then you can’t improve it. Measure everything and make changes if it’s not working in the most efficient way for your organisation.

S is for Sharing

Sharing is caring. This means that all teams, Dev and Ops (and others) need to collaborate and share information with each other.  Sharing results, analysis and data is essential to improving software delivery.

These five key values are essential to embracing DevOps and improve your entire software delivery chain. Allowing development teams to innovate and experiment while ensuring production stability and assurance rely on all five of these things. If your organisation is not successful in all five aspects then you are not realizing the full value of adopting DevOps practices.

At Accelerate QA we help customers transform their delivery practices and ensure automation is rigorous and efficient. We come from a background in software quality and so we can ensure that everyone gets exactly what they need from DevOps that includes your customers and you!

Craig Hodgson
Craig Hodgson
Technical Director, Accelerate QA

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